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Castaway Quilted Hammock Home Depot

This quilted hammock provides a traditional appearance for your patio or backyard as well. The spreader bar is polished and glazed for water repellent and enhanced look. The grommets are created from brass substance and set it up of each 2″ for a strong point and greater load capacity. The suspended hardware is zinc coated for rust endurance and a better appearance. Soft spun polyester rope that will provide durability to the hammock. It includes a soft spun polyester string that allows the resistance to the hammock. The fabric is made up of a solution dyed acrylic covered with poly fiber complete that dries out right away. This is equipped with chains, hooks, and a particular tree hooks.
Castaway Quilted Hammock Home Depot

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Castaway Quilted Hammock Home DepotCastaway Quilted Hammock Home Depot

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