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Cotton Vs Polyester Hammock

There are at least two fabric used as hammock material: cotton and polyester. There also a blend of them. But here we will talk about the two. So, what’s the choice? It depends on the following conditions. Will your hammock be hanging indoor or outdoor? Cotton will fade its color in the sun, while the polyester far more compatible with the sun. What about the water? Again, polyester is the perfect choice to hammock in the rain; the cotton tends to rot or mildewed. What about the price? The high quality cotton can be pricier than polyester, but another time finest polyester can be more expensive from ordinary cotton. So, what’s the conclusion? It’s up to your taste.
cotton vs polyester hammock cotton vs polyester rope hammock

polyester vs cotton

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Cotton Vs Polyester HammockCotton Vs Polyester Hammock

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