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Grand Trunk Nano 7 Ultralight Hammock

Some hammocks are designed with strong material to suspend more weight. Unfortunately, this design makes the hammock heavy. Moreover, such hammocks are difficult to pack. They will also consume too much space in your inventory. Fortunately, Grand Trunk release Ultralight Hammock. This Nano 7 hammock has plenty of features that support its portability. The nylon material is not only lightweight, but also compressible. Other interesting feature of this ultralight hammock is triple stitching to add extra strength. Meanwhile, it also uses premium aluminum carabineers. It allows you to tie the hammock on trees effortless. Therefore, you can bring this hammock easily when you go for camping.
Grand Trunk Nano 7 Ultralight Hammock

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Grand Trunk Nano 7 Ultralight HammockGrand Trunk Nano 7 Ultralight Hammock

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