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How To Make A Kitty Hammock

You have some kittens at home, surely you need new cage for them. However, you can make your kitten cage by making kitty hammock using simple component. Therefore, towel can be a solution for you. What should you have are two soft towel which has the size of 50 x 100, nylon strap, hook, drill, eye bolt, needle and yarn. First, you need to sew the towels into one by untie it. Then, leave the edges open because you should adjust the nylon strap on it and sew it. In addition, adjust the strap into the hook. Make a hole using drill on the wall and adjust the eye bolt into the holes which has been made. Finally, assemble the hammock towel. Now, your kitten hammock is ready.
How To Make A Kitty Hammock

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How To Make A Kitty HammockHow To Make A Kitty Hammock

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